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SAHS e-School

SAHS e-School

Summit Academy students do not enroll for classes through the SOEP.

Summit Academy students see your counselor for class information.

Classes Offered through SOEP:
Computer Science Princ I (CS 1.0) (35020000035) (1-Semester,0.5CR,CTE)
Computer Science Princ II (CS 1.5) (35020000035) (1-Semester,0.5CR,CTE)
Game Dev Fund I (CS 2.0) (35020000045) (1-Semester,0.5CR,CTE)
Game Dev Fund II (CS 2.5) (35020000045) (1-Semester,0.5CR,CTE)
AP Computer Science (CS 3.0) (35020000041) (Year, 1.0CR, CTE)
Advanced Topics in Applied Mathematics (07070000010) (Year, 1.0CR, Mathematics)
AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism (08060000009) (Year, 1.0CR, Science)

A+ Computer Repair/Maintenance (IT 1.0) (35010000040) (Year, 1.0CR, CTE)

To enroll, please follow this link to the SOEP enrollment page (DO NOT USE YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER​!!)

Enrollment Request/Course Credit Acknowledgement (CCA) Form

Summit Academy High School e-School
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