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Jeff Mitchem » 4th Quarter Geography

4th Quarter Geography

4th Quarter Geography
I'm going to try out a different way to post all the lectures and assignments that is hopefully easier to access for everyone. Let me know if you have any questions or difficulties accessing the materials!
  • 4th Quarter Corrections 3/20-21
    • Written descriptions of revised answers to incorrectly answered questions on the end of 3rd Quarter Test, including definitions of terms and connections to the context of the question and other vocabulary
    • Due: A: 3/20 B: 3/21
    • 3rd Quarter Final
  • Africa Physical Geography Map 3/22-23:
  • Aksum Questions
    • See Kingdom of Aksum Lecture to find questions at end, turn in when answered.
    • Due A: 3/27 B:3/28

  • Libya Article and Questions
    • Read the article and answer the questions on the back.
    • Due A: 3/27 B: 3/30
    • Libya Migrants
  • Controversial Islam?
  • Visual Diagram of Islam
    • Create a visual diagram, like a venn diagram, based on the article showing the similarities and differences between Sunni and Shi'a Muslims
    • Article on Sunni and Shi'a
    • Due: (A: 4/3; B:4/4)

  • Western African Civilizations
  • Review Sheet for Africa and Islam Test
    • Complete the definitions and connections for the terms on the review sheet
    • Africa/Islam Test Prep
    • Due: (B:4/25 A:4/28)

  • African Culture Thesis Paper
  • Test on Africa and Islam
    • Date of Test: B: 4/25 A: 4/28

  • Questions on the beginnings of the Dark Ages
    • See Beginnings of Dark Ages Lecture
    • Date: B:4/27 A: 5/1