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Summit Academy High School
CTE Class Offerings and Pathways
Here at Summit Academy High School we offer an ever-expanding course library in the Career and Technical Education areas.  We have many offerings in the Health Science career cluster, the Arts, Audio/Visual Technology and Communications, and beginning the 2020/2021 year, the Business, Finance and Marketing career cluster. 
If your students is new to High School this year or would just like a better understanding of all the wonderful benefits of taking CTE courses you can take view the attached PDF's below to get an idea of the benefits and successes that students have experienced here in Utah as well as here at SAHS.

Summit Academy High School CTE Programs do not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, sex, or disabilities. If you have any questions and/or need any accommodations please contact Les Hamilton Title IX Coordinator or Mike Condie 504 Coordinator  Summit Academy High School 14942 S 560 W Bluffdale, UT 84065 801-495-3272


Career Pathway: Health Science
     Here at Summit Academy High School, our Health Science pathway is our most established and long running pathway that we have had so far. It is headed up by Dr. Marshall and Ms. Jones and Ms. Deem and they teach a variety of courses that your students can take up to the concentrator level.  The class offerings are - 
  • Intro to Health Science
  • Medical Anatomy and Physiology
  • Medical Terminology
  • Medical Forensics
  • Exercise Science/Sports Medicine
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If you or your student are interested in Health Science and also have a love of competition you can join the SAHS HOSA team! HOSA or the Health Occupational Students of America is an organization where students get the chance to put their Health Science knowledge to the test in various competitions. Our SAHS HOSA chapter has won State multiple times and is always highly competitive.  
Find out more about HOSA here - HOSA national website
                                                     - HOSA Utah Chapter
Career Pathway: Marketing
     Summit Academy High School's newest career pathway offerings fall under this category.  The classes that are taught here at SAHS are taught by Mr. Hooper and include the following classes.
  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
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Career Pathway: Broadcasting and Digital Media
     Summit Academy High School's offering in the Broadcasting and Digital Media career pathway has continued to expand this year!  Students now have an opportunity to complete enough courses to become a concentrator or even a completer in this career pathway.  The courses taught here at Summit Academy that fall under this pathway are taught by Mr. Fonda and Mr. Pyle.  The following courses are available in this career pathway
  • Digital Graphic Arts Intro
  • Web Development 1
  • Digital Media 1
  • Video Production 1
  • Photography
  • TV Broadcast 1
  • The Digital Media and Marketing Practicum (aka TV Broadcast 2)
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Does your student enjoy Digital Media and Broadcasting as well as competition?!  Well you are in luck!  SkillsUSA gives your students an opportunity to compete against other students in both their own state as well as nationally in a variety of categories. 
Find out more information about upcoming competitions here - National SkillsUSA Website
                                                                                                  - State SkillsUSA Website
More CTE links and offerings
     To find out more information about Utah's Career and Technical Education program you can visit their website - Utah CTE
You or your student can also explore some of Utah's Job offerings and what the job market looks like by visiting the Utah Department of Workforce Services page here - Department of Workforce Services