Graduation Requirements

Summit Academy High School offers 3 diploma options, including the Summit Diploma, Honors Diploma, and AP Capstone Diploma. Please contact your counselor for more information. 

National Honor Society (gold stole) 
3.75+ GPA High Honor (gold cord) 

3.50 + GPA Honor (white cord) 

MTECH Certificate (red cord) 

AP Capstone (light blue stole) 

STEM Honors (medal) 

HOSA (silver cord) 

Speech/Debate (red/silver cord) 
HOPE Squad (red/white cord)
Student Council (medal) 
She Tech (electric blue/pink cord) 
Fine Arts (green cord) 
CTE (Black/white cord) 

Military (red/white/blue cord) 

Early Graduates (* by their name)