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Graduation Requirements

Am I on track for graduation? Its easy to find out-- open up your Student Information System (SIS) and click on College and Career Plan! 


Graduation Requirements:

English Language Arts (4 total credits) 

English LA 9

English LA 10

English LA 11

English LA 12


Social Studies (4 total credits) 

Geography for Life

World Civilization

US History

US Government

SS Elective


Mathematics (4 total credits) 

Secondary Math 1

Secondary Math 2

Secondary Math 3

Advanced Math


Science (4 total credits) 






Healthy Lifestyles (2 total credits) 

*Participation Skills & Technique 

Lifetime Fitness


*PE Elective

(*Sports may cover .5 credit) 


Fine Arts (1.5 total credits) 

Fine Arts (many options)


Career & Technical Education (1 total credit) 

CTE (many options) 


Computer Tech (.5 total credit) 

Computer Tech 


Financial Literacy (.5 total credit) 

Financial Literacy


World Language (2 total credits) 

Currently offering ASL & Spanish 

Graduation = 26 credits

Electives (2.5 total credits) 

Electives (many options)