High School Registration Information

Registration Information:
For Current SAHS Students:  Make sure your intent to return form has been completed.
New Students: Students who have never attended SAHS please click here to enter the lottery:  Summit Academy High School Lottery 2022-2023 
Step #2: Contact the Summit Academy front office for additional information and to turn in required documentation for registration. Course selection information for 2022-23 school year will be sent via email in your welcome letter.  

Schedule Change Policy 2022-2023

Student schedules are a high priority for school counselors. The aim is to ensure each student is enrolled in the appropriate classes needed for graduation. If the school has made an error, your schedule will be fixed as soon as possible. Schedule changes are free during the first week of school. Schedule changes will be subject to a $5 per class change fee the second week of school and 2nd-semester schedule changes.

Schedule changes will be made by the counseling staff for the following reasons (based on availability):

  •         Academic misplacement (ie. student has chosen the wrong level of class or has chosen a class without meeting the pre-requisite criteria)
  •         Program change (ie. student has recently met the criteria for a concurrent enrollment course)
  •         Missing an academic class (student is missing a core class such as English, history, math or science)
  •         Missing a graduation requirement (ie. a senior is missing a course necessary to graduate in the upcoming school year or a junior student is missing US history)
  •         Gap in schedule with no registered class
  •         Adding Education Release to attend SLCC or Tech Center, Work Release

Schedule changes will not be made by the counseling staff for the following reasons:

  •         Student or parent do not like the teacher
  •         Teacher is too challenging or not challenging enough
  •         Class is perceived by the student to be too difficult, or the student doesn’t want to meet the expectations
  •         Switching from one elective to another
  •         Student wants a different lunch
  •         Student wants to have classes with friends, or student wants to avoid a particular peer

Personality conflicts will not be justification for changing a class. All conflicts should be resolved in a mature, professional manner. The student and parent is asked to first meet with the teacher and work through the problem. If a resolution cannot be reached, then the parent or teacher should contact an administrator to mediate the issue. If a class change is then granted by an administrator, it will be based on subject availability and made with the least impact to the student’s schedule.

First Days of School



  •       Students do not have a schedule

o   Go to the front office to either get a schedule or double-check  registration

  •       Students have an empty class period in their schedule

o   Go to the counseling office at the time of the BLANK class (if they don’t have a class 3rd hour, then go to the counseling office during 3rd hour)

  •       Students think their schedule is incorrect

o   Stay in the scheduled class and make an appointment to see the counselor (the counselor will call the student to their office)