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Student and Parent Resources

Students and parents we have attached a few documents that may be helpful to you but we also would like to encourage you to reach out to your students pediatrician as your first resources. They have contacts they can help connect you with and they already know your child. These resources can be for a number of different issues including social emotional supports, suicidal thoughts, depression, etc. 
Deanna Smith
Guidance Counselor (A-K)
Suzanne Santos 
Guidance Counselor (L-Z)
Laurel Jeppson 
Guidance Counselor (IEP)

Jay Snyder

Social Worker



Lora Bonham, CSW

Behavior Specialist 


Summer is a much-anticipated time for students and gives them a needed break from the rigors of high school.  It can also be, however, a difficult time when students have less contact with friends and support systems at school.  


The Counseling Department at SAHS would like to provide you with a list of youth mental health resources.  This list contains the names and phone numbers of local agencies that can be contacted if you have concerns about your student’s emotional health.  Some of these resources are free or work on a sliding scale.  It is also a good idea to consult with your student’s pediatrician.  He or she may have additional resources suited to your student.


We also want to make you aware of the trending Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.  The story is based on a high school student who takes her own life.  We would like to encourage you to be aware of the issues surrounding this story and whether or not you’re comfortable with your student watching this controversial series.