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SLCC Concurrent Enrollment

Summit Academy High School partners with Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) to build a comprehensive college experience for motivated and academically prepared high school students.  The CE experience prepares high school students with the skills they need to seamlessly transition to college after high school and successfully navigate the challenges of higher education. 

Concurrent Enrollment (CE) is an academic program involving high school and college collaboration that allows qualified students to earn college credit by taking college courses taught at their high school, online, and on SLCC campuses. Currently we offer two CE classes at Summit Academy, Chemistry 1010 and Medical Terminology 1100 with the goal of increasing the amount of classes taught at our high school. The rest of the courses are taught online and on SLCC campuses. SLCC has eight campuses located throughout the Salt Lake Valley.

The Concurrent On-Campus program (this program is for students that take classes at SLCC) offers high schools students, the opportunity to take a limited selection of concurrent enrollment courses on any physical SLCC campus at the cost of $5/credit hour.  Concurrent On-Campus classes are mixed classes with both high school concurrent students and regular adult college students. Students receive both college and high school credit for the courses offered through Concurrent On-Campus. Grades earned from concurrent enrollment will be placed on your high school transcript.  The Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator and High School Counselors DO NOT have access to SLCC grades to track progress.  It is up to the student to monitor her/his grades.  At the end of each semester the CE office at SLCC sends the high school a grade report. The high school registrar then records that grade on the student’s high school transcript. If the class is a year long class, the grade will be sent at the end of the class.


If you are interested in taking a CE class at SAHS, two things have to be done: 1) You will enroll with your counselor within the first 2 weeks of class and 2) you will register with SLCC. If you have taken CE classes before, you will register for the class through your MySLCC account. If you have never taken a CE class, you will have to apply to be admitted to SLCC, set up a MySLCC Account and register for the class. For questions regarding this process come speak with Mrs.Saunders, our CE Coordinator. She is in the Counseling Center or email her at [email protected]

At the high school students are provided with a quiet area to study or to participate in their SLCC online classes. 

SAHS also offers a FREE SHUTTLE that will drive back and forth from SAHS to the Jordan SLCC college campus to allow students to take face-to-face concurrent enrollment classes if desired.  Shuttle schedule is located in the counseling center and front office. 

Students must be admitted to Salt Lake Community College in order to take concurrent enrollment classes. If a student has never taken concurrent classes at Salt Lake Community College, he/she must complete the on-line application. This should be done as soon as possible. Students who have previously taken concurrent classes will not need to re-apply.

Due to some recent unforeseen circumstances, SLCC has had to reinstitute the $40 admission application fee for traditional, adult college students and CE STUDENTS! Beginning February 7, all CE students will have to pay the application fee. 

Please note:  There is a $5.00 per credit hour fee that will be assessed by SLCC at the time of registration for courses. 

After you apply, look through the CE class schedule for the class/classes you would like to take. After you have made your choice, you will need to make sure you meet the requirements for the class. You can find the requirements in the SLCC Course Offering page. Once there click on the subject you are interested in and look for the requirements or prerequisites. Click here to learn more about prerequisites.

The next step is to write down the 1) CRN  2)Subject  3) Course  4) Title and email or hand them to Mrs. Saunders, our CE Coordinator, at [email protected] For example:

      • CRN: 22955
      • Subject: English
      • Course: 1010-845
      • Title: Intro to Writing

Mrs. Saunders will then submit a request to SLCC for approval to unlock the class so you can register. The approval process takes 2-3 days after which you will be eligible to register for the class. Keep in mind that when Mrs. Saunders submits the class request to SLCC, it does not mean you are registered for that class. You will have to register for the class yourself!

**Once your have registered for the CE classes you want to take, you will need to meet with your counselor to have those classes put into your high school schedule; whether you are taking the classes at SAHS or at SLCC.  

Registration is the process of officially adding yourself to the SLCC college roll for each CE class, and must be done every semester for each class through your MySLCC account. Click here for a tutorial on how to register for classes. Should you have any problems registering, please see Mrs. Saunders in the Counseling Center.


College tuition is paid every semester after registration is complete and before SLCC's tuition deadline. Tuition is $5.00 per credit hour ($15 for a 3 credit hour class, $20 for a 4 credit hour class, etc.) and can be paid at the time you register or anytime before SLCC's deadline. You can pay your tuition online, by phone (801-957-4868), or in person (at a SLCC Cashier's window) using a credit card or a checking or savings account. Cash payments must be made in person at the SLCC Cashier's window.

You will receive an email through your Bruinmail account shortly after the tuition deadline reminding you to pay any outstanding balances. If you fail to pay your tuition, will not be able to register for classes in the future, or request a transcript, until the balance has been paid. Once tuition has been paid it could take 24-48 hours before you can request your transcript or register for classes. Click here for a tutorial on how to pay online!

Students who take CE classes have an opportunity to earn the General Education Certificate of Completion. This certificate is official proof that a student has completed the general education requirements of an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree. It is transferrable to colleges and universities as fulfillment of general education credit. Depending on your institution, you may be required to take institution specific classes after transferring. SLCC’s General Education (GE) program provides the subject-area knowledge and learning skills foundation for 2- and 4-year degrees.


Core and Institutional courses make up the general education foundation. Distribution Areas courses give an opportunity to explore various subjects. General education courses are highly advisable for concurrent enrollment students; they are required for college graduation and transferable from one Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) institution to another.


Students completing all GE requirements would take 5 CE classes junior year, 1 credit Early Enrollment Lifelong Wellness class during the summer, and 6 CE classes senior year. Earn a SLCC General Education Certificate of Completion that is transferable to all USHE institutions.

If this is something you would like to pursue, you are strongly encouraged to meet with a SLCC Academic Advisor and our CE Coordinator, Mrs. Saunders at  [email protected]


Many concurrent enrollment courses have prerequisites or requirements that need to be met before you are eligible to take the course. Counselors, coordinators, and teachers will help you know if you are qualified for courses at your high school. If you do not have the necessary pre-requisites for any given course by the registration deadline you cannot remain in the class. It is highly encouraged to familiarize yourself with these prerequisites if you want to take a course you want to take.
Some classes require a placement test or ACT score. Many students use the SLCC Placement Process to meet placement prerequisites. The test is administered remotely, online, on a computer (not a cellular phone) and the results are added to your SLCC records within 24-48 hours. The cost for the first test is included in the admission fee. The link below will take you to the site where you can learn more.
The deadlines are different for those taking CE classes at SAHS than for those students taking CE classes at SLCC. The calendars below show a complete list of significant dates, registration, tuition payments, holidays and more. 
Credits earned through Concurrent Enrollment (CE) are transferable to other colleges and universities.  You are advised to check with individual institutions for their credit transfer guidelines.  ​The Utah Transfer Guide provided by the Utah Systems of High Education may be a helpful resource. 
In order to participate in concurrent enrollment you and your parent will need to sign the parent permission form found here:  
Click here to learn about dropping or withdrawing from a class.
Click here for a tutorial on how to drop a class.
Students are strongly encouraged to attend a New Student Information meeting before or within a few months of applying for admission and becoming a SLCC CE student. The meeting goes through everything a student needs to be successful in their first concurrent enrollment class including:
  • How to get admitted to SLCC and register for classes
  • On-Campus concurrent enrollment
  • Academic planning
  • Success strategies
We welcome all new/interested Concurrent Enrollment students to attend an information session. Parents are welcome too!

Information Sessions

The videos below give a general description of the class. On the same page you will find more information relating to the class such as homework expectations, exam expectations and more. 
Should I take CE or AP? Click here to learn which option is best for you.
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HEERF (Higher Education Emergency Relief Funding) is scholarship money that has been granted to SLCC to support students with the financial barriers to Education caused by Covid-19 pandemic. There is still approx. 2.5 Million dollars of HEERF funding, so please let your CE and EE students know, as we hope this money can go to help students in need!! Information and Application can be found here:
Your CE advisor is available to provide concurrent enrollment resources and support. If you are pursuing the General Education Certificate of Completion please make an appointment to meet with a CE advisor. You are strongly encouraged to meet with a SLCC academic advisor before participating in Concurrent On-Campus. Tauveon Walton is our high school's designated CE advisor. Click here and scroll down until you see his name. At the bottom of the page you can schedule an appointment by clicking the blue tab.
Karina Saunders
801.495.3272  ext. 265
Counseling Center

Concurrent Enrollment Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:40 pm

Main CE Office Phone: 801.957.6344

Main CE Office Email: [email protected]

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