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Credit Options/Summer School

Summer School
Please fill out this Google Form if you are interested in attending summer school at SAHS Mon-Thurs, June 1-30th 9:00am-12:00pm. 
What is Credit Recovery?  
Credit recovery is an opportunity for students who have previously taken a course and did not earn credit to re-take the course and recover the credit. The recovery credit is earned by re-taking the same course through approved curriculum and earning a "Pass" grade for the course. The previous grade and the "Pass" both are entered onto the student's transcript. Credit recovery does not replace a student's grade. 
Summit Academy High School offers free credit recovery for our students. Our program offers standards-aligned curriculum and customizable video-based instruction. With this program, Summit Academy is able to monitor and track student progress which enables us to help students achieve goals and continue on the path towards graduation. 
Please see or email our Credit Recovery Specialist, Jocelyn Staller for more information and to sign up!
What is Original Credit?
Original credit is the credit earned when a student has not taken the class before. The student earns academic credit at the completion of the course and typically earns a letter grade.  
What is Grade Replacement?
If a student is dissatisfied with a letter grade and wants to replace it with a higher grade, a student can retake the same course through an approved provider that offers original credit. The student must meet with their school counselor and complete the necessary paperwork prior to enrolling in the course.