Meet your School Counselors



Meet the School Counselors

Welcome to Summit Academy High School's Counseling Center home page! This is the place to find who your counselor is, graduation requirements, scholarships, college and career advising, guidance to help with crisis for you or your student, and so much more. You can also contact the Counseling Center through the school office at (801) 495-3272 between the hours of 7:30 am - 3:15 pm, Monday through Friday. To make an appointment please email your counselor or for face to face students sign up on the clipboard in the counseling center.  
Counselors are assigned by students last names:
Mrs. Kristen Kinikini (Students A-H)
Department Head 
Mrs. Michelle Peters (Students I-M)
Counseling Intern/Credit Recovery Specialist 
Mrs. Shelly Snapp Counseling  (Students N-Z)
Counselor/Work Experience Coordinator 
Mr. Colbey Strong
Social Worker
Mrs. Karina Saunders
Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator 
Mrs. Rebecca Kreiling
Counseling Secretary/ College Transcript Requests
A Message from the Counselors 
Summit Academy High School recognizes the many needs that young people have today. Growing up is a challenging and often trying experience, and we are fully aware that our students have no social immunity to the dilemmas that face any teenager. 
Counselors are available on campus throughout the day Monday-Thursday 7:30-3:15 pm and Fridays 7:30-12 pm. The counseling program fosters the values that enable our youth to understand themselves and others. We encourage our students to assume personal responsibility for their behavior as well as for their intellectual growth and development in keeping with their talents and abilities. 
Our curriculum is geared to the physical and mental development of the adolescent. The counselors make an effort to see all students at various times during the school year. A student may request an appointment with his/her counselor by stopping by the counseling office and signing up on the clipboard.  
Our counselors are experienced teachers with expertise in various specialized areas. The department offers guidance primarily in academics. In addition, counselors can help students gain information about careers and colleges, scholarships, and financial aid for higher education. 

Summit Academy High School CTE Programs do not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, sex, or disabilities. If you have any questions and/or need any accommodations please contact Les Hamilton Title IX Coordinator or Mike Condie 504 Coordinator  Summit Academy High School 14942 S 560 W Bluffdale, UT 84065 801-495-3272