This is my eighth year working at Summit Academy High School. I hold a B.S. from the University of North Texas and an M.A. from Westminster College, and an M.Ed. from Western Governors University.

I love Summit Academy where I  have spent years working as a teacher, the debate coach, student council advisor, and assistant principal.  While I miss teaching in the classroom, I enjoy the opportunity I have to work with all students.  My goal is to make Summit Academy one of the best schools in the State of Utah.
I believe that a good education for all people is essential to a funtional society.  There is nothing more powerful than a quality education in fighiting bigotry, sexism, and racism.  All people should be able to follow their dreams and a good education gives them the tools to find their passions.  

In my free time, I enjoy traveling around the world, fine dining, and spending time with my wife and son.