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HOSA Officers

President: Michaela Fluck

   ~Conducts meeting according to chapter by laws and rules
   ~Take the leadership role when working with officers and members
   ~Develop program of work and coordinates activities with HOSA presidency
   ~Appoints committees and serve as an ex-official member

Vice president: Echo Booth

   ~ Assists the president in all leadershipfunctions
   ~Preside over chapter activities in the absence of the president
   ~ coordinates committee work

Secretary: Renee Weakley

   ~Prepares and reads the minutes if the meetings (schedule of meeting)
   ~ Keeps roll everyday and notes
   ~works with the treasurer in maintaining membership data
  ~ Schedules speakers 
  ~ Does the extras that needs to be done

Treasurer: Braxton Passey

   ~Maintains efficient management and documentation of chapter funds
   ~Collects money and HOSA dues
   ~ Keeps financial records neat and accurate
   ~Assists in preparing the chapter budget


Historian: Amber Romm

   ~ Maintains a history of our HOSA chapter activities throughout the year And will help with HOSA book
   ~ Compiles the HOSA book
   ~ Presents  the HOSA book at Competition

Reporter: Katy Darton

   ~ Maintains a written records of chapter success and achievements
   ~ Submits articles to HOSA Utah and National HOSA